Back Up Light Assemblies

69 Plymouth B-Body, 69 Charger and 70 Charger Back Up Light Assemblies are all available at Vans Auto. Many people think these three assemblies are the same but they are different. The chargers housings have a slight curve to them so they conform to the rear splash pan and the charger housings also have two

Steering Column Repair/Rebuild Instructions

After a steering column has been removed, reconditioned or disturbed due to service performed on the steering column or adjacent vehicle components, certain precautions must be observed when installing the column or servicing the steering shaft coupling. ASSEMBLY OF STEERING SHAFT COUPLING The grease recommended for use during assembly procedure is automotive multi-purpose grease or multi-mileage lubricant.. 1. Fill coupling body to 1/2″ from top. 2. Place

Paint Gasket Kit Fitments

  Paint / exterior gasket set for 1972-1974 Dodge Challenger. Includes: Parking Light Gaskets Side Marker Gaskets Rallye Mirror Gaskets Antenna Gasket Weather-strip Channel and Drip Rail Seal Foam Strips Door Handle Gaskets Taillight Gasket Set Outer Housing to Body Gaskets Inner Lens to Housing Gaskets Trunk Lock Gaskets Fuel Filler Tube to Tail Panel Gasket

Mopar Body Types

Our website is categorized by Mopar body types. Below is a list of vehicles and which body type they are considered.   A-Body 1961-1962 Dodge Lancer 1963-1976 Dodge Dart 1971-1972 Dodge Demon 1964-1969 Plymouth Barracuda 1960-1976 Plymouth Valiant 1970-1976 Plymouth Duster 1971-1976 Plymouth Scamp   B-Body 1962 Dodge Dart 1962-1964 Dodge Polara 1963-1964 Dodge 330